award-winning storyteller, strategist and artist.

Taryn Southern has always had a front row seat to the future. After her first YouTube video went viral in 2007, Taryn’s work went onto receive more than 1 billion views. A pioneering creator and strategist, she was one of the first creators to produce digital content and advise companies such as AirBNB, Conde Naste, Marriott, MovieTickets.com, Ford, and more.

Taryn has since focused on the intersection of emerging technology, storytelling and human potential. Some of her work includes: releasing the world’s first pop album composed with AI, creating an award-winning animated VR series for Google, creating a video clone of herself, and directing/producing a documentary about the future of brain-computer interfaces. The resulting film I AM HUMAN premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (2019).


"Taryn Takes audiences on a journey to the future."

From biotech to neurotech, Taryn’s passion for storytelling about emerging technologies has been featured in publications like Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Wired, and Forbes and she has been a guest contributor for Business Insider and TechCrunch. She has spoken at companies such as Deloitte, YouTube, Salesforce and Google and conferences like The World AI Summit, VidCon, Google’s AI Summit, NY Times Future of Work, Web Summit, The Next Web, and Near Future Festival.

Taryn is also a three-time Streamy Award nominee, an AT&T Film Award Winner, one of the Top 20 Women in VR (VRScout), and featured as part of Ford’s national “She’s Got Drive” campaign. She sits on the board of the National Academy of Medicine’s Longevity Challenge, which aims to award breakthroughs in longevity science, and invests in emerging tech companies like Cue, Oura, Vessel, Aspiration, and others.


I AM AI is Taryn’s pop album composed and produced with AI. The album’s debut song “Break Free” hit the Top 100 radio charts and streamed more than 10 million times on radio and the internet.

Taryn’s directorial debut, I AM HUMAN, a sci-fi documentary following three of the world’s first “cyborgs,” premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Available on VOD platforms AppleTV and Amazon.

Through The Google Creator Lab, Taryn created an award-winning emerging tech VR series now featured in museums and digital art fairs around the world.

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