A little about me, if you don’t feel like reading my professional bio:

I have a Youtube channel. where I write, produce, and post weekly sketches, vlogs, and music videos. Here are some of the videos that I’ve done over the years.

I occasionally do TV stuffs. I’ve done acting stuffs on Last Man Standing, The League, Legit, New Girl, Rules of EngagementGuys with Kids, and American Dad, and hosting stuffs on shows like Shark After Dark, The X-Factor, Vh1’s Countdown Specials, TVGuide’s Hollywood 411, and G4’s Attack of the Show.  I also host live shows and premieres.

I’m a crazy cat lady. 

I’m a travel junkie.

I’m a Twitterer, Facebooker, and Instagramer’er. Nope, don’t use MySpace anymore, but still keep the page for sentimental reasons.

I love truffle salt and wine. In case you’re ever invited to my birthday party, now you know what to get me.

I am digital media consultantcolumnist, and enthusiast. I’ve spoken at conferences and companies like Science-Inc, YouTube, Bare Minerals, and GM to help them develop programming, connect with influencers, and learn effective marketing social media strategies.

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If you would like to contact me for business or press related inquiries, please email taryntv@gmail.com