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Jul 13th,



After a year and a half, my new series with The Today Show, “Self-Help For Your Digital Soul” is finally here!

My first episode explores the art of taking better selfies and features my friends and web stars Flula Borg, Simone Shepherd, and Davey Wavey (after all, it has become an art form).

Back in early 2014, posting selfies was still considered somewhat novel….even a bit dangerous.

Now, the “selfie” is everywhere. Everyone has a front facing phone camera and a decent understanding of lighting and angle tricks, but hopefully some of the tips in this episode are humorously useful.

Here are some of the latest apps I recommend for those of you who want to “up” your selfie game:

1. NoCrop – Don’t feel like cropping your photo to fit the instagram square? No problem. NoCrop will add white bars exactly to keep your photo looking exactly as you took it.
2. PhotoCandy – Make your photos look like professional poster designs or an advertisement for Burning Man.
3. VisageLab – Applies makeup, smoothes out undereye bags, skin tone, and more. Whitagram, Photolab, and Pizzapo also have similar tools.
4. GhostLab – Add your own ghost to your photos! (Because why not?) Not recommended for selfie beginners.

I hope you enjoy the series and you can continue to catch all new episodes every Saturday on

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