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Mar 3rd,


Big Hollywood Party!

I started the night out doing interviews on the red carpet — sadly, the sun came out and kept this years awards from turning into a wet t-shirt contest :( 

Then I went over to Evite and ConnecTV’s Oscar viewing party

Olga Kay and some other friends showed up for the party.

As you know, celebs won, celebs lost, celebs cried, and I did my best to tweet through most of it.  Oh, and Ellen’s selfie crashed twitter. 

Some other highlights I snapped and shared:

Brad (of course):

The other Brad (…ley)….

And Matthew McConaughey’s award winning speech.

All in all, it was super fun! Then the open bar closed. Night over.

Thank you all for sharing the Oscars with me, and feel free to send me your viewing pics by TWEETING ME here (attach the pic, silly!) and using the hashtag #AwardsParty2014. I’m still giving away party packs, thanks to Evite!

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