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Sep 14th,



As you can tell, I either drank my self into a stupor this summer and just forgot to post on the ‘ol blog, or….I just forgot to post on the ‘ol blog.


Alas. Here we are, mid-September, and I haven’t updated ya’ll in about four months, WHAT?

Here are the Top 10 Things I’ve Done This Summer:

1. CRUSH made the Mediabase Top 100 List (it’s like Billboard but a little less cool), thanks to radio plays on SIRIUS XM and local stations across the country. Thank you all for your support!

2. I was one of the nightly hosts on SHARK AFTER DARK, a week of late night talk show style programming on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL during Shark Week! We had a blast, and managed to score the #1 rating spot for late night (we even beat out Lindsay Lohan on Chelsea – whut?!?) People love sharks.

3. I made more videos. Per the usual. EIGHTEEN videos to be exact, which you find here on my YouTube channel.

4. I hit 200,000 subscribers on my channel and am closing in on 250,000 (as of Sept 14th.) Thank you for subscribing and tuning into my weirdness every week.

5. I hosted the One Direction premiere in NY for Yahoo in August! I will proudly admit I boast their songs on my workout playlist, so I was pretty excited to meet the boys.

6. Have you been missing MTV’s Cribs? Now you don’t have to! MY DOMAIN is a new series I filmed this summer that features the homes of my fellow friends and web stars. The first season features Destorm Power, Brittani Louise Taylor, Davey Wavey, and Olga Kay and will premiere on Official Comedy sometime this October.

7. THE SINGLE LIFE, a series I filmed for Glamour Magazine, launched in July with the trailer racking up over a million views! I also launched a 7-part series on their channel and mine featuring relationship oriented content – i.e. 9 Friends You Need During a Breakup, Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship, 10 Unspoken Rules for Online Dating, etc.)

8. I hosted a week of live programming for Playstation at E3! If you’re a big gamer, you would’ve loved it (hopefully you tuned in!)

9. IT’S ABOUT A GIRL, a love story series directed by the dear Andrew Jenks, premiered on his YouTube channel in August. I play his love interest and it’s adorable. Check it out here.

10. I got the hell out of LA…A LOT. Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Bottlerock Festival in Napa, New York (4-5 times??), and most recently, a trip to Italy and Amsterdam over Labor Day weekend. Most of it was work related, but a blast nonetheless.


I’m planning on putting out MORE content this fall (2-3 videos/week) and launching a big project on January 1st — so stay tuned for more that :D

Thanks for sticking around even though my blog has been a little lonely lately.