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Jan 29th,


I Think I Farted, Goats, and Other Inappropriate Songs

Agh, apparently I got a little behind on my blog updates. Like, really behind. Apparently shooting 8 music videos in 8 weeks for my album was a bit, err, ambitious?

But alas, now you get them all right here in one fell swoop!

1. Remarkable Vagina

2. I Think I Farted

3. Guys – They Just Wanna F*ck You

4. Wrong Hole: The Untold Story

5. Google That Shit

6. Where Is My Goat (premiered on Broadway Video’s channel)

7. Single Girls

8. Bad Sex (premiered on Official Comedy’s channel)

32 videos in 9 weeks — gah! Fortunately I had the holidays to sleep it off.

Thank you all so much again for your support of the album and the ensuing debut of my YouTube channel, I love making these videos and ya’ll know I couldn’t do it without people to watch them.




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