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Oct 24th,


The Chick With The Remarkable Vagina

As part of my album, as many of you know, I’m releasing 8 musical comedy videos for 8 weeks on my YouTube channel,  8 behind the scenes “making of” videos for Official Comedy and 8 episodes of a celebrity countdown series for Alloy Digital’s new channel Crushable. If none of this makes sense, you can read more here at Tubefilter.

And now that the first vid is up, I give you: Remarkable Vagina. Without context, you might just assume I’m insane, but the song was actually based on a true story. Thank you, NY Magazine, for the inspiration.

BEHIND THE SCENES (Deep Inside) for Official Comedy:
INFAMOUS (Remarkable Celebrity Vaginas) for Crushable:

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Video produced by:

Director: Kyle Morrison
Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski
Production Designer: Natalie Groce
Producer: Brad Simpson
Producer: Maxwell Kessler

Song written by: Taryn Southern and Julia Price
Composed by: Ethan Carlson

Taryn Southern –
Julia Price –
Bree Essrig – The Woman With The Remarkable Vagina –
James Bland – Male Cop #1 –
Brett Newton – Male Cop #2 –
Leah Herder – Floor Director
Andrew Bachelor – TV Director –
Eric Keitel – Weatherman –
Turi Daoust – Entertainment Host
Amanda Kari – McHugh Makeup Girl –
Alexis Deprey – News Producer
Dan Tiffany – Janitor –
Jim Hayes – Camera #1/Band
Derrick Tuggle – Camera #2/Band –
Eric Fine – Camera #3/Band

1st Assistant Director: George Hrico
2nd Assistant Director: Kyle Musselman
Production Assistant: Kristen McClurken

Programmer: Phil Galler
Gaffer: Jeff Koulig
Key Grip: Jesse Sperling
AC: Frank Mobilio
BTS Camera: Alex Lizotte

Costume Designer: BK Phillips
Makeup/Hair: Melissa Perelli
Art Assistant: Jack Reed

Choreography: Kaitlin Walsh


In Scranton, Pennsylvania
Where’s there’s not that much to do
One night a girl stole heroin
And stuck it up her hoo —

Who, who who who ….
Who puts heroin in that space
Who wants drugs in their private place
If you’ve read the headlines you know it’s true
A chick with a remarkable vagina that’s who

Let me tell the entire tale
Of how this gal wound up in jail…
When the police asked what she had done
She just pulled it out… by one…

54 bags of heroin,
31 bags for more,
A handful of prescription pills
I’m already feeling sore!

51 dollars and 22 cents,
In one small crevice in her uterus
It’s crazy but it’s true
That she fit all of that up in her hoo –

If I had a remarkable vagina
I’d never lose my keys
I’d always have some extra space
For emergencies….
Open up my front door….
Cuz There’s always room for more….
If you’ve got some things to store….
Well, that’s what friends are for….

I’d put your phone in it, cash in it, comb in it, pens in it, book in it
And your chapstick too!
Ring in it, brush in it, checks in it, wine in it, fork in it,
All of it just like new!
Where’s my keys? Where’s my cat?
Now I know where everything’s at
It’s crazy
Ain’t it strange
That somethin’ so small
Can fit all those things.

Who, who who who ….
Who puts heroin in that space
Who wants drugs in their private place
If you’ve read the headlines you know it’s a true,
A chick with a remarkable vagina, that’s who.
A chick with a remarkable vagina, who knew.
i wish my vagina was remarkable, too..

NY Magazine (for the inspiration) –

Musicians on the track: Jorge Balbi – Drums, Dylan Durboraw – Bass, Mapuana Makia – Additional Background Vocals