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Jul 1st,


Highlights of VidCon

2012 marked my first year at VidCon, the annual convention for all things YouTube. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect (other than copious alcohol consumption and hoards of young girls screaming for Shane Dawson), but I had a FREAKIN’ BLAST.

I reunited with old friends, met a ton of new ones, and most importantly, left feeling incredibly inspired to get back into making videos again.

And here, my fair friends, are the highlights of my weekend at VidCon:

1. The making of a video (from conception to final edit) in ONE HOUR with JoeNation and Ethan Newberry (alongside my partner in crime, ExoticJess.)

2. Moderating a panel on web series (with WheezyWaiter, LindzLoves, and Sonia Gil) for one of the most polite and poised group of fans EVER. You could’ve heard a penny drop in that room.

ExoticJess + Alexis Diana

3. Running into old friends who started in traditional media and are now kicking ass on the internet. Their faces light up when they talk about what they’re working on…because people are actually seeing it. Many producers know what it’s like to get burned on pilot that don’t get picked up or indie films that don’t get sold. In online content, there aren’t nearly as many gatekeepers or financial limitations to prevent content from actually being produced, released, and most importantly, seen. It’s a producer’s wet dream.

4. A 17-year old hit on me. Despite the obvious legal issues, it makes me think I still got this.

Reunion with ObamaGirl

5. Reuniting with Amber Lee Ettinger (ObamaGirl) exactly four years to the date we first met, on Hardball with Chris Matthews in Washington, DC. (We ended up doing a multitude of appearances together that year.) For those of you who don’t remember, it’s ‘cuz of my very first YouTube video here.

Those were just a few of the great moments, but if you wanna see more, you can catch all of my coverage this week on Crushable’s YouTube Channel.

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