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Jun 25th,


You guys chose what?!

Here to announce the official title of my upcoming comedy album, voted on, by you, the YouTube republic…….

*Drum roll*


Confused? So was I.

And yet, not really. I suppose I don’t really mind getting stuff on my face, and according to my music video fans, neither do you.

Because the people who watch my videos chose the title, I also felt it important that they be the ones who actually determine what is (or isn’t) on my face. 

Let’s start with the cover of the album. Click on this link to view the three options on my Facebook page and tell me in the comments whether you like #1, #2, or #3 best.

Now the fun part. The On My Face Back Cover Photoshop Collab Extravaganza.

You photoshop (or Skitch or Photo Edit) whatever you want into the photo (backgrounds, clothing changes, something on my face, whatever), and viewers vote on their favorite.
Winner gets their design on the back cover of my musical comedy album, a signed copy of their work of art, and a ‘lil gift basket full of assorted goodies, handpicked by yours truly.

Here’s how it works:

What: Download one of these two BLANK faces on my Facebook page: here is Option #1, and here is Option #2. (If for some reason you can’t access the photos, it’s cuz you need to subscribe to my page first.)

Photoshop stuff on in the backgrounds, on my face, in my hair, whatever. Make sure whatever you’re putting on my face is either a hand drawing or photos/artwork that you own/created, i.e. you can photoshop a graphic of your cat onto my head, just make sure you took the photo (and it’s your cat.)

Where to Submit Your Entry: Here On My Pinterest Board. Just sign up for an account, then post a link to your entry in the comments of whichever photo you used to photoshop. I’ll then repin your link to my board.

Selection: After you upload and/or post a link to the photoshopped image to my Pinterest board, I’ll post all of the entries on my FB page. By August 10th, the image with the most # of likes wins.

Deadline: July 31st.

Rules: You must own all designs and/or photographs you put on my face; you must submit via Pinterest; you must be a cool person.

So let the photoshopping begin!

Thanks for all of your patience awaiting my upcoming album, I can’t wait to share it with you!

xo  Taryn

PS – HUGE thanks to Ana Ochoa, my fabulous photographer. We had a BLAST, and I’ll post behind the scenes photos of our shoot together soon. In the meantime, you can find her and her work here – she does headshots, stylized portfolio shots, you name it. Basically, she’s a talented mother f*cker.