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Jun 19th,


Hollywood Hack Day, Website Tips, and Other Geek News

Nothing turns me on like a glass of wine and a quick widget update to the ‘ol WordPress…

…which is why I’m been quite content the past few months writing a new column for Backstage Magazine. Hacking Hollywood focuses on giving actors handy tips and tricks for optimizing, exploiting, and kicking ass at social media and other tech-related career necessities. Here are my last few articles, if you care to read:


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In other geek news, I recently joined a co-op workspace group called io/LA. If you aren’t familiar with io/LA, its essentially an incubator company (meaning they invest in and incubate start-ups) + a co-operative, members only workspace (thanks to their partnership with WeWork.)

Though io Ventures is based in SF, they recently opened up offices in LA, led by my friends Aber Whitcomb (former CTO of MySpace) and producers Donovan Lietch and Chris Gartin, all in the name of to bridging the gap between entertainment and tech-related businesses.

If you’re an entertainment or tech entrepreneur looking for affordable office space, collaboration opportunities, kick-ass parties, Hollywood Hack Days, and informative panels on all things tech and entertainment, I recommend you apply. (Where else could you see guest artists like Moby or Shepard Fairey talk amongst senior tech execs? Exactly.)

Hollywood Hack Day

If you are interested in more info on how to become a member, you can apply here or email membership at (feel free to use my name as a reference.)

And on a final note of geeky awesomeness, I am almost complete with my first non-fiction book, Hacking Hollywood. It’s an unconventional guide (complete with anecdotes, interviews, and advice) on clever hacks on how to use the internet to build a name, and more importantly, a brand for yourself in Hollywood.

I receive a lot of emails from aspiring actors, hosts, and writers wanting to know how best to get in the biz, and I want to make sure I haven’t left out anything important. If you have any SPECIFIC questions, please leave them in the comments below so that I can be sure to address them in my chapters.

Hope you all are having a fab start to your summer and I’ll see you at VidCon (next week) and Comic-Con in July! Cheers.

x Taryn

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