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Jun 27th,


Galas and Botox and The Thirst Project

Last night I had the honor and pleasure of hosting a live show for TakePart TV from the green room of The Thirst Gala, the third annual fundraiser for The Thirst Project.

The black tie gala took place at the Beverly Hilton and brought together everyone from Lance Bass to cast members from The Lying Game (including my bestie Alice Greczyn), Twilight (Michael Welch, BooBoo Stewart), NCIS (Pauley Perette), Grey’s Anatomy (Chyler Leigh), Criminal Minds (Kirsten Vangness), and Glee (Josh Sussman). For a full recap of the show and video of my interviews, click here:

Interviewing Alice and Allie from The Lying Game

If you haven’t heard of the The Thirst Project, it’s an incredible organization founded by Seth Maxwell, dedicated to solving the water crisis. 100% of the donations go to funding wells all over the world; administrative costs are covered by a board of private donors. Last night’s Gala honored those who have dedicated their time and efforts to making the The Thirst Project’s mission successful, and raised over $150,000 in the process.

It’s easy to take water access for granted, but when you experience and see the difference in water consumption between someone like myself and someone in a developing country, it’s unfathomable that ONE BILLION people continue to live without access to safe drinking water and absolutely pressing that this matter receive greater attention and priority in our international agendas.

Fortunately, The Thirst Project is hoping to do just that.

Me? Hopefully my rant in the promo below inspires a few folks to save a few Botox bucks and donate. And if you don’t feel like donating or don’t have the cash? Subscribe to TAKEPART’S YouTube Channel. For every subscriber, .25 cents will be donated towards building a new well.


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