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Jun 5th,


Adventure Recap and Other Updates

I’m baaaaack! After three and half weeks of traveling through Europe (and despite losing a fair number of brain cells), I’m excited to dive back into work.

Before I go into work updates, here are some of the more memorable moments from my latest European adventure. If you’d like to see all of the debauchery first hand, just click on the links to view my personal photo albums on Facebook.


    Chocolate Factory

  • – Chocolate factory taste-testing
  • – The apothecary at The Old Operating Theatre
  • – Antiques on Portobello Road
  • – Curry in Nottinghill
  • – Premiere party at the Palace of Justice
  • – Last minute reunions with old friends (and one MySpace acquaintance!)


  • – Hundreds of citizens partying in full costume on National Day
  • – Having my first – and last – taste of Aquavit (a shot that tastes like licorice + cough syrup)
  • – Dining with Norwegian friends in one of the oldest restaurants in Oslo
  • – An afternoon hike through a national forests
  • – All of the amazing people in Oslo that I met. Seriously. The nicest people in the world.


  • – Sardines and cava on a tapas tour through town
  • – Being approached several times about whether I would like to buy drugs on the beach
  • – Visiting an absinthe bar with other tourist friends
  • – Bus and bicycle tours (like a proper tourist)
  • – Meeting my lovely bed and breakfast host


Paul Oakenfold Concert

  • – Backstage at the Paul Oakenfold/David Guetta/Pete Tong concerts at the Ibiza music festival
  • – My first official late night five course dinner (it started at 1am),
  • – A boat ride to the island of Formenterra
  • – Day beach club hopping


View from the Cannes Villa

  • – My lovely lady friend’s 30th birthday party
  • – Feasting on ricotta truffle ravioli at Michelangelo’s restaurant in Antibes
  • – Going topless on a beach (first time! No boys allowed, of course.)
  • – Seeing  my friends from Norway, Cannes, and Los Angeles all at once!
  • – Dessert heaven at the villa



  • – Visiting the creepy Paris catacombs
  • – Dining at Le Costes (amaaaazing.)
  • – Meeting Kanye West and Rafael Nadal on the same night in completely unrelated scenarios (random??)
  • – The peep show Crazy Horse
  • – Lunch with my favorite Parisian on the set of her tv show


You can see all of my travel photo albums (and perhaps pick out some of these favorite moments) by clicking on the links above and subscribing to my personal Facebook page.

As for work, here’s a quick video update I shot while in Cannes, and I’m excited to say that I’ve got some big announcements coming soon…so stay tuned (you can subscribe to my tarynsouthern channel on YouTube if you so please).