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Apr 10th,


New Media Rockstars

Last month, the friendly folks at New Media Rockstars asked if I’d like to do a fun (i.e. wacky) photoshoot + interview down in Venice Beach. (For any of you who DON’T know New Media Rockstars, they are a fantastic source for how-to articles on web content production and profile pieces on web personalities.) Here’s an excerpt of what went down:

This whole generation of new media artists has a vibrant, can-do, wear as many hats as possible while knocking the socks off of viewers at home attitude. Taryn Southern is every bit of that and more! Writer, producer, actor, singer, red carpet host, comedian, video blogger… the list keeps expanding. Wowza. After a delicious sit down at Lemonade, we stormed the Venice Boardwalk while chilling with aliens. Given the extroverted energy she exudes from her videos, Venice Beach and its community of energetic characters seemed to be a fitting location. After all, the woman does write songs about boobies and poo. Join us as we pick the self-proclaimed “life hacking ninja’s” brain on how she intertwines online media and traditional Hollywood entertainment together.

For the rest of the article and photos, click here.

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