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Jan 27th,


Loggin’ Vlogs – JANUARY 2011

It’s true. I’m getting better at keeping up with a weekly YouTube vlog, and I’ve learned that the key is just DOING IT. I have to remind myself – I’m not making art here, just updates. How hard is that, right??

First, I posted a video rehash of my experience hosting the Golden Globes pre and post show two years ago (talk about late to the ball game), but it feels good to clean out the hard drive and maybe give some people an inside look to what it’s like. I received a lot of comments/questions about hosting (how can I host a red carpet like that? what do you study in college?) I’ll be doing a follow-up post answering some of those questions, and later this fall, I’ll be releasing a book that will go into them in-depth…but more on that later!

My second vlog was about my recent appearance as Nancy Roder on my friends’ web series. God I love that gal, even if you guys don’t. If you have no idea who Nancy Roder is, just watch the first ever video I ever did “as her,” and you’ll get the idea.

And finally, my last vlog was done in honor of The X-Factor. Last fall, the producers let me put together a little music video to play as a segment during the live pre-show. It’s no Coffee Makes Me Poo :-P, but we had a blast and it show you all the spots on the lot where I worked. Huge thanks again to everyone at FOX, Fremantle, Syco, and Sony Music for bringing me on as a host. I had a tremendous amount of fun.

So that’s it! If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel and you don’t want to miss these weekly works of vlogging art, you can do it HERE! It takes about 3.5 seconds.

More to come from my trip to Miami soon…