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Jan 17th,


CES and the IAWTV Awards

Last week I spent several days in Vegas for the IAWTV Awards at CES. I was nominated for a Best Actress Award for my work on BlackBoxTV alongside several very talented actresses, and was also presenting in several categories.

To be perfectly honest, Vegas isn’t my favorite place on earth (something about the fact there are no windows in the hotels REALLY bothers me), but it was so much fun hanging out with my pals from the web TV community. Tony Valenzuela, iJustine, Ethan Newberry, The Fine Bros, Sean Becker, Felicia Day, Paula Rhodes, Stephanie Thorpe, Jenni Powell, and of course my agents and reps and all the wonderful new media execs I’ve become friends with over the years. We drank, we ate, we were merry, and….here is a fun little video of some things I observed while in Vegas that I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy!




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