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Sep 20th,


The Update of All Updates

Heidy ho, old friends!

Judging by my last blog, any visitors over the past three months might have assumed I disappeared in France or became a crazy spinster cat lady. While the latter might be true (see end of post), it really has just been quite a busy/fun summer – and as always, one that went by entirely too fast.

So, here it is, the UPDATE OF ALL UPDATES!


– BREAK.COM DEAL: I signed a little first look deal-a-roo with the awesomely hilarious video site, BREAK. A “first look deal” is really just the fancy schmancy Hollywood way of saying that they think I’m a pretty cool gal, and I think they’re pretty cool, too, so we’re gonna do multiple projects together.

On Set with Jareb Duplaise

My first project with them is Game for Gamers, a comedic instructional series teaching gamers how to get girls using gaming strategies.

You can see four promos for the series here. I had a great time working with my friends on them, and am really excited about my other stuff in the works over there. Plus they have free coke machines in their lobby.

Playing Nintendo at E3



– In the web world, I  did another episode of BlackboxTV in Atlanta this summer with some of my favorite web peeps, which you can see here. In TV land, I got close to booking a few roles; fortunately, I haven’t suffered any long term damage from the stream of close call rejection.

– In August, I shot an F/X late night show pilot with the incredibly funny Spike Feresten and a team of his awesome comedian friends. Fingers crossed that the show gets picked up so that I can teach Spike how to effectively use Twitter.


At Comic-Con

– I spent time in NY, Austin, the Hamptons, Mexico, Atlanta, and my hometown of Wichita, KS.

– I moderated a panel at Comic-Con in San Diego for Elfquest and then partied bananas afterwards with all my fellow nerd machines.


– I made it on (thanks to my Twitter followers for making me aware of this.)

– I got a kitten, Tiggie, who is simultaneously the biggest pain in my ass and the greatest love of my life.


So there you have it! There’s more to tell, but my fingers are getting cramped. More updates to come!

Peas and happiness!