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Jul 3rd,


My Adventures in France

It happened this May. I caught the travel bug. You never know when it’s going to strike, typically at inopportune times, but it just doesn’t want to leave until…well, you do. So, I packed my bags and headed east – WAY east – to a land where wine is cheaper than water; cheese shops are more common than Starbucks, and croissants are…well, everywhere.

Bienvenue a France!

The Cannes film fest gave me a great excuse to go (see film fest shenanigans here), but truthfully, I wanted to do more than just hang on the beach and hobnob.

With the help of my friends at airbnb (a FANTASTIC resource for travelers looking for unique local accommodations), I met up with local airbnb hosts and they each showed me their city, through their eyes.

Tough to do the whole trip justice in 3 minute videos but, alas, here you are….LIVING LIKE A LOCAL in Cannes, Nice, and Monaco: