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Mar 9th,


Premiere of Battle: Los Angeles

Tonight was the premiere of Battle: Los Angeles, a film by Jonathan Liebesman for Sony/Columbia that stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and a host of other incredibly talented actors. I have a small role in the film (see the video down below for a few snippets of me from the various trailers), but it was so much fun to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the film’s premiere tonight with my lovely date, Jessica Rose (see our pre-red carpet snapshot below as well…)

If you aren’t familiar with the film’s premise, Battle: Los Angeles is a sci-fi/action thriller told from the POV of a marine battalion who must fight to save Los Angeles from an alien invasion. It’s action packed visual eye candy – and a special warning for the ladies: you may want to bring a few tissues!!

So, if you’re looking for some movie entertainment this weekend, check it out – you won’t be disappointed! Battle: Los Angeles opens March 11, 2011.