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Nov 18th,


Keep It In Your Pants, Please.

So it all started one day when I was on a nice little hike in the Hollywood Hills. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and…wow, was the breeze blowing, if you know what I mean. On my way down from that hike, I counted more than five visible boners.

And Keep It In Your Pants was born.

Now, I knew when the first seed of the idea for this video came into my (clearly) deranged head, I would garner some flack from dudes.

After all, how can they be expected to control their most precious autonomous appendage?

That’s where I ask all men out there to please refrain from taking offense, and just try to enjoy the video as best you can :-)

With an amazing team of friends and people that included my amazing composer/track producer Will Forbes, Wrong Hole director Bob McKeon and DP Justin Gurnari, my producer and dear friend Brigida Santos, Justine Menter and The Flirt Dancers, who came up with the amazing moves and were so patient in teaching me, the talented Jessica Rose and Spencer Wells who made my face into a work of art, and a slew of male actors and dancers including Larry Miller, DJ Lubel, Brett Newton, Quinton Bunche, Dustin Scheutter, Dale Hersch, and Hart Turner who lent their talents all in the name of Keeping It In Your Pants. And here is….Keep It In Your Pants…

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That’s it for now, thank you all so much for your continued support and wonderful sense of humor!

xo Taryn