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Oct 31st,


Interview with Digital Chick TV

Excerpt from the article:

Taryn Southern has been on the hot end of an explosion ever since her satirical music video, Hot 4 Hill, became a viral hit in 2007 and she found herself being interviewed on Good Morning America, MSNBC, Inside Edition, FOX, NBC, and CNN. She has gone on to star in and produce several major web hits, including Private High Musical, now purchased by MTV. She currently can be seen on CBS comedy Rules of Engagement. She also guest stars in web hits Black Box TV and The Temp Life.

DCTV creator Daryn Strauss chatted with actress-producer-writer-digital chick extraordinaire Taryn Southern about what makes a good viral video, religious cults, and the digital revolution.

Click here to read the original interview on DigitalChickTV.

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