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Oct 19th,


BlackBox TV Episode – ‘Leave Me Alone’

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Tony asked if I’d like to be a part of his next episode of BlackBoxTV, a YouTube channel devoted to creating high quality thriller stories. Each episode tells a different twisted tale – and this one, in particular, is based on a very famous Edgar Allen Poe story (I’ll let you all watch and guess which one!)

I am a huge fan of Tony’s work (and that of his DP, Joe Nation), so a few days later, we got together and shot this episode in a little over a few hours. By the end of the shoot my voice was pretty torn up. I’ve been doing comedy for so long I forgot how f’n tough it can be to get serious for a day!

So, here you are after the jump, “Leave Me Alone:”

And for those of you who asked whether I was naked in the shower scene – you might get a little peekaboo of some clothing material in this behind-the-scenes video.

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