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Jun 26th,


The Twilight: Eclipse Premiere

For me, it was always about Lance Bass. I was so completely obsessed that I bought every issue of Teen Beat with him on the cover, posted his photos up in my locker, even flew to Chicago to see him in concert with N’Sync. And finally, ten years later, I’m interviewing him in person at the premiere of Twilight: Eclipse, where thousands of screaming girls have simultaneously gathered to (hopefully!) catch a glimpse of R-Patz, or Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, or if they’re feeling rogue, Jackson Rathbone.

There’s something about the piercing screams of 9-yr olds that can make a person go crazy. But here we are, at the Eclipse premiere, and Lance Bass steps onto my platform for a live interview, and I suddenly remember. I remember what it’s like to be a young teen girl, screaming in angst, secretly hoping and praying that behind that velvet rope, your idol will lock eyes with you and know that you are the one.

Now this is all quite ironic of course, because here I am, finally meeting my first celebrity obsession, and he’s openly gay. All those years of hoping and wishing, screaming and crying, buying Teen Beat and researching his likes and dislikes, and the dude wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. (The other irony being that most of the teen girls there had no idea who Lance Bass was. Am I really that old?)

The moment passed as quickly as it came, but, for a brief second, I was 13 and giddy again.

The night, despite technical difficulties with the microphones and IFB chords, was a ton of fun. I was reunited with Jackson (who I bonded with on the set of a teen comedy we shot together several years back), and tasted some of the best brownie pudding EVER at the afterparty.

As for the red carpet, I’d interviewed Taylor Lautner before (at the Golden Globes), and so I knew to expect nothing less than a sweetheart from them, but really – every single one of those cast members is incredibly nice and open. I don’t care what some people say about Kristen Stewart – albeit awkward, she’s A DOLL and the hardest working young woman you’ll meet in Hollywood.

The best moment of the evening happened AFTER our job was over. Ali and I were given two tickets to the premiere, but since we had already been to an early screening of Eclipse, we decided to give the tickets away to two people who would treasure it most – a mom and daughter. They had been sleeping outside for 5 days just to go to the premiere, so you can only imagine the tears that came from actually receiving tickets to the film!

After all was said and done, Shira, Ali, Manny, and I made our way to the after-party which was beautifully decked out to look like a magical forest. I didn’t stay super long (three hours live is exhausting, I was ready for bed!) but we had a great time together and I literally stuffed myself with this brownie pudding stuff. Yum.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the live stream on MySpace, YouTube, or UStream!  If you’d like to catch a taped feed of the show, just head to