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May 21st,


Updates and stuff

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a regular update post, and so while I sit here, happily sipping a vodka/orange juice on my flight to NY, I think now is as good a time as ever.

So what’s new? So many good things!

My New Apartment

The year started off with a lot of changes – for one, I moved into my own place (sadly leaving my best friend/roommate after three years of wine and cheese nights, awkward booty dances, and daily hikes.) Living alone isn’t as easy or awesome as everyone makes it out to be, although, perhaps I’m just a slumber party kind-of girl.

I also had a few personal revelations. After living in Hollywood for four years, I’ve been fortunate to dip my toes into so many different aspects of entertainment. Acting, writing, producing, hosting, even voiceover work (I’ve been fortunate to do some really cool stuff!!) And come this February, I realized I had absolutely exhausted myself. Not to mention, I had made it very tough on myself to focus on what it is I really want to do. Fortunately, experience has taught me that you you can’t depend on work to make you happy.

Case in point: if you’re an actor and get stuck on a bad film set, your life can be miserable until you wrap shooting. As a producer, there are a million and one things that can go wrong and make your job a living hell. As a writer, you can turn in a first draft and executives can rip it to pieces.

I didn’t move to Hollywood to be an actress. Or a producer. Or a host. Or to be famous. I moved here because I believe that entertainment is (at it’s heart), the best industry in the world – after all, it is the entertainment industry. There’s nothing I love more than seeing a film on Friday night, or snuggling up to see my favorite TV show during the week. All I want – honestly – is to be a part of the storytelling. Unfortunately, being a Type-A gal, I really beat myself up over the fact that I couldn’t focus on one specific career path once I arrived here.

So I stopped. Focusing, that is. No apologies. I decided that, for 2010, I would just have fun. How many people get to say that about their career goals?

My point is – I stopped trying to focus on ‘moving forward’ and instead tried to focus on having fun. The results? Wellllll, let’s just say the first few months were a little difficult. It took all of my willpower to take a few weeks off in the middle of pilot season (because I wasn’t having fun) to travel. I spent time in San Francisco, Boston, NY, Miami, and Austin – all the while, worrying about what my next strategic move would be when I returned to LA. I returned to LA, feeling only slightly re-energized, but stressed about pre-existing projects. And so I reminded myself again. Just. Have. Fun.

Performing Wrong Hole at the Viper Room

I took on my biggest fear of performing live by agreeing to sing my own comedy set at the Viper Room in Hollywood. It’s a rather famous place for up and coming musicians, so I was thrilled/sick to my stomach that they were so cool about letting me come and perform. And I did it.

I got back into hosting again – for networks like G4 and TV Guide – and booked my first network gig for NBC (the Golden Globes post show). I continue to work certain red carpets (like the Sex and the City 2 premiere in NYC) because the people I work with are AWESOME and I know, that no matter what, I’ll be having a great time.

As an actor, I’ve worked on several web series the past few months – The Temp Life (playing my favorite character, Nancy) and as a not-so-sexy sexy vampire on The Webventures of Justin and Alden – both incredibly fun projects where I was able to work with friends and other wonderful people.

Nancy and Mr. C

Jessica Rose and I As Not-So-Sexy 'Sexy Vampires'

As a producer, I have been steadily working to finish post-production on my first feature that I co-wrote and produced. I’m really proud of it – and hope to show it to all of you soon. (Here’s the rough trailer!)

As a writer, I’ve finally been hunkering down on a few stories that I’ve been itching to tell – and will be so excited to finally have several finished scripts!

And as for non-work stuff? I’ve been having more fun and taking more risks. Not in an effort to be self-indulgent, but just to recognize that I am much happier and more productive when I allow myself the time to do the things I love. More girls nights. More movies. More margaritas. More trips to the beach. More cooking. More hiking. I finally started planning to take a trip I’ve been wanting to take for years this September – to climb the Macchu Picchu ruins in Peru! I can’t wait.

Girl’s Night

Anyway. That’s pretty much it for now.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend :-)