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May 7th,


Top 5 Internet Memes I met at ROFL-CON

You may not have heard of ROLF-CON…yet, but I’m laying a bet that this two-year old convention, held annually in Boston, is going to blow up in the next five years. ROFL-CON, which stands for Rolling On Floor Laughing, is a celebration of the internet’s greatest memes (that is, icons of internet history.)

If you’ve ever bought the Three Wolf Moon shirt on Amazon, submitted photos to This Is Why You’re Fat, been fooled by The Onion, or even been Rick Rolled, then you have contributed to the immortalization of these online trends.

While I met a heck of a lot of cool people at Rofl-Con (held at MIT in Boston this past weekend), here were my top 5 faves:

1. AutoTune the News – who knew that the team behind AutoTune is a group of siblings? One sister, three brothers, all red-heads, and all INCREDIBLY talented. If you haven’t seen their stuff on YouTube, go. Now.

2. Ben Huh – Technically Ben doesn’t count since I’ve already MET him, but his FAIL and ICanHasCheezburger blog are my favorite on the net. Not to mention he’s just an all-around nice guy. (I still want him to start a blog on ninja hamsters, darn it.)

3. Little David – the infamous 5-year old from DavidAfterDentist (58 million hits and counting!) is now eight and milking his harrowing, post-dentist hallucinogenic experience.

4. Keyboard Cat While the actual cat who plays the piano is now in kitty-heaven, his owner is still going strong and coming out with a new series of musically inclined cat videos which have made their way into mainstream TV series like South Park. Hi, cat.

5. Awkward Family Photos – I can only partly count this one, since I only met the creators (Mike Bender and Doug Chernack) briefly, but I am a huge fan of the site. We’ve all taken regretful family photos (and still continue to do so) – so it’s something most of us can relate to…and laugh at.

For video of my interviews and adventures at ROFL-Con, check out the segment below, which just aired on G4’s Attack of the Show.

And for a complete list of Rofl-Con attendees and information on how to submit your meme for next year, head to their website –