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Apr 23rd,


Attack of the Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of co-hosting Attack of the Show on G4 while Olivia Munn was away – and I had a BLAST! Between the egg salad milkshakes and Kevin’s sexy dance, the experience was all around ‘awesome sauce.’

Kevin and I originally recorded a song to perform as the sketch, but it was a little content-iffy…so we shot one about leoparkeets instead (which, all in all, was just as fun and strange as the other idea…)

Here’s the sketch in it’s entirety:

And a shout-out to all the awesome AOTS fans who watched from home and gave me twitter love:
@koolaid_dude, @krunzy, @aburgeraday, @JakeHarp, @infinitekris, @Avilachris, @thisISmike_YT, @arisivakumar, @tmflaherty4, @TylerBartelle, @Themurtle, @coryroof, @Chi_Mike, @manofsteel8817, @Petey2009, @daddyharris, @drinkmoxie, @Texakinz, @Xraller, @taker349, @osiramon, @KevRuzz, @Trump244, @DjDispersion, @TheKofKs, @PrimosPro, @NSVillapana, @officialSeanTR, @carpexnoctem13, @SEANxLONG, @wrestlingguy09, @Jehuty2469, @shanebrah

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you back at G4 again soon!
xo Taryn