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Feb 10th,


The Search for Katie

An open letter to my blog readers:

Eight months ago, my friend Liz received an email from her sister Katie, to the effect of: “I need your help. Some advice. Can we meet later tonight?” Liz immediately responded and made plans to meet Katie at their favorite nearby coffee house three hours later.

Only Katie never showed up. It’s been eight months, and Katie is still no where to be found.

I’ve known Liz (casually) for two years, since we met on a film shoot, and I had no idea all of this had transpired. The mysterious loss of her sister has been devastating.

I have a sister – also younger – and I know I would be SICK if I was in Liz’s situation. It’s one thing to lose someone, it’s a whole other thing for them to just…go missing. I DO know, however, that I would do whatever it takes to get her back.

Now, I’m trying to help Liz. We have strong evidence that her sister was heavily involved with a very private organization known as the Young Artists Co-Op (or YAC). Since the disappearance, the Y.A.C. has been curiously quiet about their former relationship with Katie. They have been no help to Liz, and if anything, a hindrance to finding her.

I have tried contacting the Y.A.C. myself, but there is no phone number on their website, no address. Just an email. So I’m asking you all now – as friends in the LA community and at large – if you know anyone in this organization, any information you have would be incredibly helpful. Pass the word along. Comment on the post. Make video responses. I need to make noise about this if we have any chance of finding out what happened to Katie.



***If you just found this blog post, please note that it is FICTIONAL, written solely for purposes of a film I’m shooting. Please see the above post (Role in My Movie).***