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Feb 2nd,


Typical Messages from Fans and "Anti-Fans"

Today I was going through some of my youtube messages (I do sift through them all…eventually!) and thought these three messages were funny because they  were in this order, and are fit the 3 categories of typical messages I receive from fans, viewers, and well, haters.


MESSAGE #1 from JaiKayCee – The I-Hate-You/Hope-You-Die Message:
You are ugly! Your videos suck! QUIT YOUTUBE!

MESSAGE #2 from SportsMan10 – The I-Love-You-But-Can’t-Have-You Message:
Hoping this is truly you…
If this is really you…

I saw a video of yours and thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world. I searched further to find out who you really were. Then came the hard truth. I knew that all hope was lost for me when I read your life’s work.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it seems I have no other choice. I can honestly say that I believe your one of the very best of all God’s creations. I hope to follow you throughout your life to witness the many great things you’ll accomplish. This may sound corny, but I will wait until the next life to meet you if I have to. Thanks for being who you are.

MESSAGE #3 from iEnjoiSnowboarding – The I-Am-A-Horndog Message:
Dear Miss Taryn Southern
You are sexy as f*ck and need to message me back.
Im pretty sure we need to get together and have some frisky sex.
That’ll be all, talk to you soon babe.


So now y’all have an idea of what hits my inbox on a semi daily basis. Lol. Gotta love the internet :)

And PS – To all of you who really do write me sweet, encouraging messages, it means the world…and makes all of the nasty messages worth it!!

Talk to you soon,