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Feb 14th,


Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day.  Regardless of my relationship status on any given year, the Day of Love has always provided me with the perfect excuse to send people cutesy puppy/kitty cards, pink cupcakes, and chocolate hearts. Basically all the stuff that I love year round.

In honor of VDay this year, I asked my friends on twitter and my blog what their plans were. Here are some of my fave responses on Twitter and in comments:

alalcoolj I plan to take that special someone to the zoo, and feed baby ducks, to the baby lions.
kmohr25 Pampering my hamster of course!
Mathieas My Father has been in the hospital since Thursday so yesterday I ordered a present for my mom in his name.

Lewis Grove said on February 10th, 2010 at 12:14 am – I currently live in Ohio, We are getting hit by massive amounts of snow. Saturday I will scrap off the truck and get suited up to drive 40 minutes to pick my lovely woman up. The first night will be spent watching movies and ordering a pizza in. On Sunday, (Weather Permitting) We plan to have a frigid picnic in dawes arboretum This is a significant spot for us, we have spent countless days and nights here.

katie said on February 11th, 2010 at 6:17 pmI will be locked away studying for the California Bar Exam. When I get home, I will be tweeting with all my Twitter Valentines,sending cyber hugs and kisses to all my Tweeps! I find time to pick up the little cupcakes, should I be lucky enough to win!

Whether you’re studying for the bar exam or eating an icy picnic meal, I hope you all have a lovely VDAY! Brace yourself for hearing my raucous VDay plans: last night, I made a four-berry tarte from scratch.
I will be eating my tarte, making a video with my hamster Bart, and reading 3 pilot scripts. WOO HOO!
xoxo and Happy Birthday to Kara, my lovely Valentine’s Baby sister!