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Dec 17th,


The Premiere of Avatar

Like many of you, it feels like I’ve been hearing about Avatar for…years. James Cameron’s Avatar is one of the largest movies that Hollywood has ever made and by far the most technologically advanced – but it might just take the cake for the longest film in development – 14 years.

<strong>Co-Host Quddus and I on the Blue Carpet</strong>

Co-Host Quddus and I on the Blue Carpet

Tonight I was incredibly honored to co-host the LIVE red carpet premiere with Quddus (MTV) and Peter Saldman ( for 20th Century Fox, MySpace, and UStream.TV.

Not only did we have a blast chatting with all the key players (Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron, etc) but also with all the fans on Twitter, UStream, and MySpace! We received hundreds of questions and comments and were able to ask them directly to the stars while they were being interviewed.

I’ve attached a few pics from the event, as well as the actual live footage (it’s an hour and a half, but I just embedded the last two sections with the most interviews.)

Special thanks to my fav. red carpet photographer Byron Purvis – – for the photos :)

ALSO – we will be sending one lucky commenter a special Avatar prize pack in the next week – but give Quddus and I through the weekend to go through the comments :) If you’d like to be in the know about more live premieres and special prizes, please follow me on twitter – – to get the inside scoop before it happens!