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Sep 26th,


Wrong Hole – Over 3,000,000 Hits!

Wow. First off, let me just say thank all of you out there who have graced me with your comments and emails.  It was over two years ago that my first viral video surpassed the 2 mil mark, and now it looks like Wrong Hole is going to win the prize for most online views. Between YouTube, Break, and FunnyOrDie, it’s now well on it’s way over 3 mil hits.

Special thanks to blogs like  Today’s Big Thing, PureStyle Magazine’s blog, Spiked Humor, FastHack, Dave and Thomas Daily TimeKillers, The GoldenBoy Saga, GeorgeCarlinTV, Shoutback, and the many others who passed it along.

I didn’t realize that taking it up the bum could be such a universal source of comedy. I’ve received emails from Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Phillippines, Russia, France, Poland, Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, Peru, and students from both West Point and the Coast Guard military academy here in the US. Some of my favorite excerpts I have posted below, as they were a little tough to decipher:

Rob (Netherlands): “you sounds so good, its almost magic, make a love song with a piano, and stuff!”

Kael (Location Unknown): “I shivered when I heard her. She has power. She remmembered me of Celine Dion.”

Stephan (Germany): “My simple question now is, if there are some recent pics of you for my desktop =) P.S.: You are not in the german Wikipedia”

Jim (Missouri): “I did notice one fault you have however as I browsed through your site, You’re a Liberal. Where’s your priorities?”

There were other messages, sweet and to the point, and others (more of the death threat type) from the Middle East and parts of America. But I won’t share those in an effort to keep this blog as positive as possible ;-)

Thanks for watching!