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Sep 11th,


He Stuck It In The Wrong Hole

To anyone who has ever engaged in sexual relations:

Have you ever stuck it in the wrong hole…and then made a musical about it? Well, that’s exactly what DJ Lubel did. He thought outside The Box. (**While I can’t be completely sure of his inspiration for writing the song, I would guess it drew from personal experience.**)

When DJ approached me to play the temptress in his Wrong Hole video, I was unsure. For those of you who are familiar with my ‘body of work’, I’d already ventured into the world of musical numbers about sex, STD’s, and pot – but a song about taking it up the crapper?! As an actress, the role meant venturing out into unchartered territory – physically and emotionally. What kind of research would this role require?! How would I get into character?! Would I have to resort to Method Acting?!?! After a lot of thinking, I decided to take the plunge – and really stretch my skills in a whole new direction. ;-)

And this….is the result.



**Please note: no person or animal was harmed or penetrated in the making of this video.

***I didn’t, and have never, taken it up the butt. Just sayin’. Thank you to my dear ‘ol friend Jake Avnet for calling me about this and DJ Lubel for talking me into it :) We had a blast.

****For behind the scenes photos, click below: