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May 28th,


Taryn's Top Ten List for the Month of May

1. I visited Catalina with my family for the first time ever! We rented a little golf cart and drove around the whole island!


My sister and I in Catalina (taken with my BlackBerry)

My sister and I in Catalina (taken with my BlackBerry)


2. I was pulled over and issued a ticket for the first time since I moved to Cali. The next week, I paid off a ticket from one of those red light cameras ($500!! No joke. Do NOT try to race through a yellow in Beverly Hills.) Now trying to lighten my lead foot.

3. I bought canvas and paints in an attempt to foster my own creativity. All of the supplies have yet to be used.

4. I read 5 books – Highly recommend: Wasted (so sad) and The Outliers (so interesting).

5. Jaime King and I teamed up to do some female-centric writing together – the first of which you’ll see in a slew of comedic shorts this October.  More on this later…

6. I discovered The Little Next Door restaurant. If you live in LA and can’t quite afford the ridiculous prices of The Little Door (the most romantic restaurant of all time), then PLEASE check out The Little Next Door. It’s literally right next door to the little door, half the price, and has cute little twinkly lights and mini brulees. 

7. I finished my first book proposal….which I will be pitching this month to various publishers. I can’t say what it’s about…yet. But I will. Promise.

8. Acted in 2 new really funny shorts – one is MUSICAL, yay – and the other is with my uber-talented friend Todd Strauss Schulson ( And I’ve got a few more of my own up my sleeve in June.

9. I ate an entire 24-pack of Crumbs cupcakes in a 2 day period. No joke. I felt a little like Kobayashi. Yes!

10. I actually created a budget for myself. Yes, a budget. Needless to say, I am already over the limit for the month. But I did cut out the Coffee Bean lattes, monthly manicures, and traded in valet for metered parking. The result? I’m back to making my own coffee, painting my own nails, and arriving 5 minutes late to every meeting b/c I forget to calculate the time it takes to find metered parking. Still, that’s $200/month…SAVED! (Err…ok. I spent it on a couple of cute summer dresses. Guilty.) 

11. (Sorry, had to add onto the list.) I have had WAY too much fun using twitter and trying out new social media sites. So if you haven’t added me on twitter, please do so –