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Apr 26th,


The 4-Hour Workweek

I first heard about this book at dinner parties. Being the skeptic that I am, I thought the premise seemed a little overzealous: the author, Tim Ferriss, states that people should throw out the concept of retirement and the “deferred-life plan,” (I AGREE!) in favor of living out our dreams now (I AGREE!) – for less than 4 hours of work per week. (VERY QUESTIONABLE.)

There are some seemingly apparent holes to his 4-hour workweek theory. My mother, for example, works as a pharmacist at a hospital. We NEED pharmacists 24-7, on call. Period. There is no POSSIBLE way she could get away with working from home. Also, for someone like me, I LOVE my job – I typically spend all day doing it (happily!) – so why would I want to only work for four hours/week?

Despite these roadblocks, the book has so many GREAT fundamental lessons. Ferriss is entertaining, insightful, and offers some practical advice for those who want to join the “NR” (New Rich.)

So if you’re looking for an interesting read this month, check it out at – . His blog contains a lot of interesting articles as well!