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Mar 1st,


The Curse of March 1st

Every year, the first of March creeps up on me like a slice of moldy bread in an otherwise perfect loaf. Always. For three reasons:

A) It’s already March, and yet, I’m still wishing people a Happy New Year. Two months have passed!?! How is this possible?? My last vivid memory before what I ate for breakfast this morning was downing my last shot of tequila post-midnight on January 1st.  This is depressing.

B) The pile of tax season letters on my desk is now six inches tall. (Which means I finally have to acknowledge them.) Oh yes! And that whole LA business tax exemption process that has to be completed by March 2nd? Ay, yay, yay. Don’t even get me started.

C) The flowers come out, the temperature rises, the sky is clear, and I have the sniffles. Sick misery. :*(

These three things happen every year on March 1st. Every year.   

Ok. Enough complaints. Back to work :)