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Mar 4th,


Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Male Awards 2009


Monday night I had the pleasure of attending Cosmopolitan Magazine’s annual Fun, Fearless Male Awards, which honored the likes of Chace Crawford, Timbaland, Rainn Wilson (The Office), Aaron Eckhart, Adam Levine, Ben Silverman, Blair Underwood, Mario Lopez, and (my personal star crush – shhh!) Bradley Cooper.

Ali Larter (Heroes), Cosmo’s Fun, Fearless Female for 2009, also received her award. Maria Menounos did the honors.

It was a chic little event, held at my new favorite Los Angeles hotel, the SLS. Some of the highlights – 

– Levine revealed that his guitarist has a “man crush” on Eckhart, who promptly tried to hide beneath the table.

– After a series of jokes, Eckhart gave a humbled shout out to the troops in the Middle East, with whom he visited with fellow actor Bradley Cooper this past year. 

– Funnyman Rainn Wilson did his best impression of what it’s like for males to have sex with a female (i.e. Meg Ryan’s performance in “When Harry Met Sally,” except…it’s Rainn Wilson.) The glasses had great effect.