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Dec 4th,


I am blessed.

I know this has been a really tough year for a lot of people. Many of my friends have lost their jobs these past few weeks (MTV just laid off hundreds of employees, and many other companies are filing for bankruptcy or closing down departments.)

So, if I may, extend a giant THANK YOU, to everyone out there who keeps a smile on their face during such a difficult time. And to those who have supported me during my hard times, I hope I can return the favor.

I am so blessed to have healthy friends and family, and a place to call home (yes, LA is now home sweet home!!) I’m also so fortunate to be able to take time off for a solo adventure to the Middle East this December. I know I will come back home inspired and motivated, as I always do when I take a soul-searching trip. To say the least, I am so incredibly excited to start anew in January and see what 2009 will bring. We have a brilliant new President to look forward to, someone who I believe can really better our social, political, and cultural attitudes toward each other and the rest of the world. Our world is changing, we just have to remember that sometimes things have to hit the bottom before they rise back to the top.

Best wishes to everyone and Happy Holidays :)