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Nov 15th,


My December Adventure

Well, it bit me. Hard. The travel bug. A few years ago when I was still in college and studying Anthropology, it seemed like I was in another country every few months. Peru, Belize, Costa Rica, San Juan, Czech Republic, Germany…you get the idea. I did a lot of fieldwork in interesting places and met some amazing people.

(BELOW: ME in PRAGUE in ’05…for kicks)

Me in Prague in '05...for kicks!

Me in Prague in '05...for kicks!

Since then, my travel has been primarily business – mostly trips to NY every month (which I love dearly!) but I’ve been itching to get back out in the world. SO. I’ve decided that, to the best of my abilities, I will take each December to travel to a different continent and explore for a month.

DECEMBER 2008? Destination: The Middle East.

And I’m depending on YOU guys, my YouTube fans, my MySpace friends, my fellow Facebookers, my Small World peeps, to be my guide and help me navigate my way around Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey for the month of December.

I’ll do a video blog explaining tomorrow.

Basically, I have a one-way ticket to Dubai and the rest…is ????