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Sep 23rd,


Sorority Forever – Episode 14 – "Weigh In Day"

Sorority Forever: Episode 14 “Weigh In Day”

Description: The most terrifying moment in these girl’s young lives – Weigh In Day.

This was a really tough episode for me to shoot for a few reasons…I want absolutely no part in ever broadcasting the idea that girls should be super thin, and the fact that I don’t make weight in the video is pretty ridiculous since I’m already considered a thin body type.  In fact, the whole time we shot this I was more upset with how the underlying message would be perceived than anything else. I cried on every take, mostly because weight is such a sensitive issue for girls and I don’t want anyone feeling bad about themselves after watching this.  However, I think the point of the episode, and after talking extensively with the writers, is to demonstrate how ridiculous certain standards are, especially in elitist groups. Almost a satirical look at our culture (yes, we say that being healthy is enough, but our media and certain groups – i.e. models, TV, maybe sororities or other establishments – glorify the super skinny.)

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing what you guys thought so I’m going to check out the MySpace message boards.