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Sep 23rd,


Sorority Forever – Episode 13 – "I Kissed a Girl"

Sorority Forever: Episode 13 “I Kissed A Girl”

We are now at Episode 13, and I thought I would share some thoughts with fans and ask for feedback! You can leave me comments here or on my MySpace page (under my Sorority Forever blog) and if you have questions, I will answer them here. First off, I’m so glad that people are watching the series (it’s tough to get a headcount, since you can find it on, myspace, youtube, and other sites) and hope people are enjoying it! I think it took a week or so for people to get into the storyline, since the episodes are so short and almost like “mini scenes.” As SF gets further along, I think people will really enjoy the stories and characters as they unfold.

On another note, all the actors had such a great time filming and we’ve all grown to be great friends. Tonight we’re going to the Declare Yourself party to promote, so be sure to check back tomorrow for pics and more info!!