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Sep 20th,


Gifting Suite Madness!!

This weekend is the Emmy’s – and if you are an actress living in Hollywood, you know what that means – SWAG SUITES!!  Gifting suites are one of those weird things. Everyone wants to go to them, and when the day comes around, you get together with your girlfriends and make a whole day out of it – manicures, pedis, waxings, you name it, they usually do it as the suites (plus you walk out with bags of free makeup, clothing, electronics, etc!!) Some girls are pros at getting swag by snagging the best color wrist bands (yes, you are given a color-coded wrist band at check-in that essentially determines what grade of “swag” you are given…it’s like a mark of self-worth for the vendors.) and others are just really, really good at pitching themselves….

Ironically, no matter no matter how much I’ve scored and fun I’ve had, I still feel guilty for getting so much free stuff. I call it swag-whore syndrome. Bottle of wine = no guilt. Designer T-shirt = some guilt. Marc Jacobs bag and sunglasses = long, hot shower to wash away filthy guilt.

:) After the jump, some pics from the event (J-Rose was my partner in crime) and the aftermath of swag.