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Aug 24th,


Donald Trump Throws a Big Shindig with Dubai Sultain. Somehow I get in.

Last night I attended one of the craziest parties I’ve ever been to in Beverly Hills, but this one has to take the cake for the most….”theatrical.” 

Trump was throwing the party, in conjunction with the sultan of Dubai, to celebrate his development of properties there. First of all, they built a massive dome like structure on the property, where guests could actually walk an hour long IMAX presentation about the future of Dubai’s architecture on water.  It was like watching a high tech futuristic movie, complete with the creepy voiceover from Minority Report.

From there, you could go down a 250 foot long walkway to one of the most beautiful and well-lit mansions I’ve ever seen. On the left, the tennis courts and gardens had been converted to a full-on stage where Christina Aguilera performed 3 songs (probably was paid an enormous amount of money to do so.)

The crowd was an interesting speckling of real estate powerhouses (Ivanka Trump), entertainers (Avril Lavigne and her husband, P Diddy, Christina Aguilera and her husband, etc). and Dubai royalty.

My only disappointment, besides the ridiculously long lines for lobster and caviar (haha!), was the fact that I didn’t get the nerves to introduce myself to the sultan. (I mean, how many times in life do you get the chance to meet a sultan??) Not sure what I would have said to him…”‘Sup Sultan?” or “How’d you like Christina?”….oh well.