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Aug 12th,



1. HOTT4HILL – A parody of the ObamaGirl video, this song professes MY love to Hillary Clinton.

2. GOLDEN GLOBES SPOOF (feat. Perez Hilton) – It’s reality TV star madness on the red carpet…

3. BABY BONANZA GIVEAWAY – It’s raining babies! Buy one baby, get the 2nd half off!

4. SENIOR SKIP DAY MONTAGE – A montage of my scenes from Senior Skip Day

5. CHARACTER SKETCHES – A montage of my various celebrity characters

6. WINEMOUSE – A parody of Amy Winehouse’s infamous mouse video with Pete Doherty

7. WEBUTANTES – It’s SEX AND THE CITY for YouTube – Hott4Hill + LonelyGirl15 + LittleLoca

8. SUPER TUESDAY WITH 3 HOTTIES – Who is the best presidential candidate?

9. NOT MY SOCK feat. Jamie Kennedy – Did he just cheat on me?

10. CHEESESTEAK LOVE – I get to try out a Long Island accent for this one…