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Jan 21st,



Despite my adamant promises to abstain from Sundance this year (if for no other reason, because I don’t have a film there and it’s REALLY cold), offered to fly me out and put me up so that we could film a Heavy Sundance Special for the site this week.

I met a ton of interesting people, saw Maroon 5 in concert, got some great swag (which I will definitely be sporting on and my shows), but sadly, couldn’t score a single ticket to a film. Granted I only had a few days there and had to spend a lot of time on-camera, but I wish it was a little easier to get tickets to see the films. Leah Thompson joked that it was easier to get into swag suites than get movie tickets. Haha, agreed.

Check for the Sundance Special on the front of this Wednesday, Jan 23rd.