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Jul 4th,


Thanks to everyone!

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It took five days to write, record, film, and edit, but we are finally ready to put the video up online.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped Hott4Hill happen:

Written and Performed by: Taryn Southern

Directed by: David Garrett and Matt Oates

Editing/Visual Effects: Jason Gullifer –

Audio Engineering: Rob Brill

Executive Producers: David Garrett and Taryn Southern

Producers: Richie Hill and Rachel Lawler

Co-Producers: Meg Cionni, Josh Denhart, and Burno Tysh

Makeup/Hair: Troy Peppin

Kids: Alexa Brevig, Marielle Carrera, Nathan Charles, Maddie Gault, Mallory Gault, Rocky Gerosa, Emily Hakopyan, Ryan Henry, Tristan Henry, Daniel Jordan, Zhayer Legrand, Maxim Knight, Nicki Mendoza, James D’Kristian Mitchell, Maya Orr, Philip Pinto, Kayla Rivera, Savanna Rodrigo, Adrian Shemm, Owen Sholar, Mackenzie Smith, and Lauryn Mary Wilson

Special Thanks: David Adelson