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Jul 13th,


Media Frenzy

To everyone who has stopped by my ‘lil blog –

I’m still in a bit of shock over the media attention that Hott 4 Hill received this week. Coincidentally, I was shooting a film during all of this, so I feel a bit foggy from all the early morning (3am LA time!) interviews.

For everyone who has left a comment on my blog – thank you! I really appreciate all the positive commentary…and even the negative really. As for the angry Anonymous comments, well, most people who have something really nasty to say typically do it on – YouTube rather than this blog, and I elected to stop reading those comments a few days ago. It’s just not worth it and there’s nothing I could say to make people feel differently. Some people just have different views than I do.

But if I may share with you all a few surprises I’ve had from the press this week:

– I’m still surprised at the number of people who don’t realize the video is a parody. Between Hillary’s face in Mt. Rushmore and my bikini body superimposed on George Washington crossing the Delaware, how could it get anymore silly? A very famous political radio jockie actually thought I was a 21 year old lesbian who made the video to demonstrate my infatuation with Hillary Clinton. Haha.

– A few reporters citing my first blog on here (where I talk about meeting Bob Dole in an airport) as evidence of my “political credentials.” I just have to laugh at that. I am not a political expert. Or even close.My first blog about the video was a joke…a companion to the parody.

– Some political analysts/reporters saying that the video was way too professional to have been the work of a 21 year old actress and was funded by an anti-Hillary political organization. The Right says it will hurt Hillary in the polls, the Left says it will help. I think it’s even silly to think that me dancing around in a little star spangled bikini could possibly impact the election. (ha ha!) If that’s the case, then the media isn’t giving the American public ANY credit.

So anyway. Those are some of the more bizarre things being said in the news this week.

On a personal note, I respect Hillary a lot. She’s impressed me both as a First Lady as a Senator, and I am incredibly excited to hear her take on the issues in this year’s debates. Politics wasn’t the motivator for me to make the video, but since the press has been so adamant about focusing on this element, I feel a responsibility to let everyone know that this was not at all an anti-Hillary video. The video was made for entertainment. Obama Girl was great, and I’m not trying to be better than them, I just thought it would be so much fun to put out a companion video.

=) Enjoy your weekend everybody!