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Jul 1st,


Introducing Hott4Hill!

A letter to my fellow Americans:

On June 13, 2007, the face of the 2008 presidential campaign was forever changed with the release of a provocative video known as “Obama-Girl.”

It was all there – a passionate statement of love and partisan politics – thoughtfully packaged into a catchy pop song.

In less than a week, the Obama-Girl tribute to Democratic candidate Barrack Obama earned several million online hits and played on primetime news stations across the country.

Now let me preface my announcement by saying that I am no stranger to politics. I ran for Student Council President in the 7th grade. I attended the 2004 presidential debates in Miami. I even met Bob Dole this year in the Las Vegas airport.

Following the release of the Obama-Girl video, I felt that it was my social responsibility to provide America with a fair and balanced view of the 2008 Democratic campaign by showing my love and support for my own favorite candidate – Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

xoxo Ms. Southern